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What it is

OpenLeague is an open source web site content management system for sports leagues. OpenLeague uses a simple intuitive web interface to make it easy for any sports league (baseball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.) to create a completely dynamic web site that delivers the information that players, coaches, and fans need...

  1. announcements,
  2. division schedules,
  3. team schedules,
  4. directions to playing fields and arenas, and
  5. sponsor recognition

...all in REAL-TIME!

What it looks like

OpenLeague uses HTML templates to format your site's content. The default DHTML template package includes all of the necessary files you'll need to help get your site created and operational as quickly and easily as possible. The default template files can be used as-is or can be modified to customize your site's appearance.

Customizing the user-experience is as easy as modifying two files: page.thtml and page.css. These two files control almost all aspects of the User Interface and can be created: from-scratch; by modifying these files; or by re-purposing your existing site template. (There are only three required template variables: {league_name}, {user_features}, and {content}.)

Customizing the administrator-experience is possible but - IN ALMOST ALL CASES - not necessary. Eight template files control all aspects of the Administrative Interface (i.e., the forms used for entering information).

What you'll need

To build your OpenLeague-powered site, you'll need:

  1. A Web host that provides...
    • your own PHP script directory, and
    • your own MySQL database.
  2. The OpenLeague scripts, templates, and SQL schema file,
  3. The TreeView javascript library,
  4. The CBE cross-browser javascript library. Specifically, you'll need...
    • cbe_core.js, and
    • cbe_util.js

How to get it

OpenLeague is available...

The TreeView javascript library is available from Marcelino Martins' or from the OpenLeague project page (without any documentation or example files).

The CBE cross-browser javascript library is available from Mike Foster's or from the OpenLeague project page (without any documentation or example files).

How to use it

OpenLeague does not currently have installation/administration documention.